The LandGate Transport System is a teleportation system based on the StarGate style wormhole which allows PC's to travel to a number of predetermined locations, unlike the Stone of Recall which is generally restricted to one waypoint. The PC is able to 'dial' the desired destination and then use the LandGate to transport them there.

Each destination is designated by 3 coloured lights wich the user dials into the console (maybe how this is how Microsoft started?). The user simply cannot dial just any ol' location to travel to, that would just be cheating. The player must posess a 'LandGate Note' which he must find, earn or trade. If you have the note in your inventory then you can travel to the dialed location.

The current version of LandGate allows other party members to also use the LandGate as it stays active for 30 seconds, this is to prevent other passers by from jumping into the open portal. Easy to customise and add hundreds of unique LandGate combinations. Simply duplicate the portal items, change the colour combinations properties, and create a new 'LandGate' note item to match for the player to find and you're done.

Feel tree to use it in your next module, but please, don't forget to mention me in the credits!

One person who downloaded this called it "a programming work of art" - I appreciate it!

* Requires NWN/SOU/HOTU 1.65 or Later and CEP 1.51

Download LandGate.mod - Demo mod showcasing the LandGate Transport System.
Download LandGate.erf - Import the ERF file to use within your own NWN modules.
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The Adventures of Hercules is a single player game based on the Neverwinter Nights engine where you get to follow in the footsteps of Hercules, the greatest of all adventurers. Set in the Ancient Greek era, the game features 12 levels based on the 12 Labours assigned to Hercules as punishment for murdering his family (he was tricked into doing this!). 12 seamingly impossible tasks to be completed before he could be pardoned by the Gods, the Adventures of Hercules will test your skills as a fighter, and test your wits with unique puzzles to solve, for each task is not as easy as it seems.

With many side quests and missions, The Adventures of Hercules provides hours of gameplay and fun, featuring new creatures like Centaurs and Horses, and many custom cut-scenes. Battle fierce creatures like the Nemean Lion, and the Multi-headed Lernan Hydra, match wits with the Cerynian Hind and clean out the Agean Stables with years full of animinal dung! The Adventures of Hercules is a story of epic proportions!

Current News

The mod has ceased development but you are welcome to download and see how far I got!

22/11/06 - Updated with CEP 2.0 Compatibility.
05/09/06 - 6th Labour, The Stymphalian Birds - Done.
30/08/06 - Fixed Cloak appearing on intro as result of new Cloaks 1.68 upgrade.
11/07/06 - Added daytime and nightime townsfolk transitions, random bandits outside of towns.
12/03/06 - After an unprecedented delay (whilst being absorbed in Guild Wars), I've decided to dedicate a bit more time to this project.
04/06/05 - 5th Labour, The Aegean Stables - Done.
22/05/05 - 4th Labour, The Erymanthian Boar - Done
17/04/05 - 3rd Labour, The Cerynian Hind - Done.
24/03/05 - 2nd Labour, The Lernean Hydra - Done.
03/03/05 - 1st Labour, The Nemean Lion - Done.

Download Section

Download Hercules.mod - Updated 22/11/06 - The latest module. Unzip to NWN modules folder.
Download Hercules.hak - Updated 22/11/06 - Includes custom creatures, skies and placeables. Unzip to NWN hak folder.
Download NWN 1.67 Tileset Update - Required for extra tilesets and locations.

* Requires NWN/SOU/HOTU 1.68, 1.67 Tileset Update, and CEP 2.0

It is recommended that if you wish to play the module, that it is best suited for warrior class charactes such as fighters, barbarians, paladins and monks, with high attributes in fighting modes in both hand-to-hand and weapons handling such as blades or blunt instruments. After all Hercules himself was the greatest fighter of them all, and in keeping with the theme it wouldnt suit having your PC as a mage or rogue for example.

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Matching wits with The Nemean Lion
Battling the Giant Crab with a little help
Showing the Erymantian Boar who's the boss
Ducking for cover from the Stymphalian Birds