Wallet Buddy - The Easy Way To Backup Your Wallets

Wallet Buddy is a utility that allows you to simply copy your various wallets from different folders into one convenient location.

Simply choose your wallet data files with the GUI selector, select which wallets you want to backup, choose the destination, and click the Start button. All you then need to do is copy the Wallet folder to a convenient location like a USB stick. Remember: Always backup your wallets!

Wallet Buddy is free, but Bitcoin donations are most welcomed! (hint! hint!)

Required Downloads

Download WalletBuddy.exe - 2.33mb - Windows 32bit/64Bit program file
Download WalletBuddy.ini - Blank .ini file (place in same folder as WalletBuddy.exe file)

Optional Downloads

Download WalletBuddy.au3 - 9.48kb - Sourcecode (view with notepad or AutoItScript Editor)

Changelog Information

Download changelog.txt - Latest update Information (1.20 - 10/1/2014)

Compiling Instructions

Download and install the AutoItScript Compiler from the official AutoItScript Homepage.

Download the .au3 file from link above. Double-click the WalletBuddy.au3 file to run the program without compiling, or Right-Click the WalletBuddy.au3 file and select Compile Script to create stand-alone exe file.

Anti-Virus Information

WalletBuddy has been fully tested and certified by Kaspersky Labs to be virus and trojan free (see picture with scan results).

* Warning! Some anti-virus programs may flag the compiled exe as containg a trojan. This is a false-positive alert as AutoItScript relies on UPX compression to reduce the filesize of the exe file. Unfortunately, many malicious programs also use the same compression technique and anti-virus vendors use this a general detection criteria and can falsely report legitimate applications as well. If you do not trust the exe, for your own piece of mind, please download and examine the sourcefile from the link above and you will see there is nothing unusual going on such as collecting and reporting deposit addresses to external parties. For more information regarding this issue visit http://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/AutoIt_and_Malware.

WalletBuddy can run without compiling as long as AutoItScript is installed therefore avoiding any concerns or virus warnings.

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